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At Smarter Learning Ltd. we provide Coaching, Training and L&D Consultancy to organisations and individuals. We support people advance their potential, particularly during times of change which can be thrilling, yet sometimes overwhelming. 

So whether you’re an individual looking for 1:1 Coaching or an organisation requiring L&D Services, we are the provider of choice for all your Learning and Development needs.

Joseph Grech  I  Founder

Let’s Hatch a Smarter You.

At Smarter Learning we provide Coaching & Training Services to organisations and individuals. Established by Joseph Grech in London, with clients based globally, we are the provider of choice for your learning and development needs.

Joseph Grech  I  Founder

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At Smarter Learning Ltd. we provide a complete coaching service to you and your organisation.


We deliver bespoke training workshops globally, from inductions to leadership programs.

L&D Consultancy

We partner with organisations to support HR and L&D teams achieve their goals

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“Joseph’s skill and coaching craft cantered to assist me  identify what I wanted to achieve with clarity. With the demands that I had, it was great to be guided through this to stay focussed.”

Jason L. - Manager

Manager, UK Home Office


“With Joseph’s support I am now able to speak confidently in public without fear! I have made a giant leap on my speaking skills, especially in building my confidence.”

Ahmed A.

Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Government


“Joseph completely revolutionised our training though his real stand out quality is his incredibly positive attitude which has a beneficial effect on everyone!”

Sophy K.

Managing Consultant, Emigra Europe Ltd.


“Joseph’s unique insight of psychometrics easily identified the potential of our candidates. Throughout the work was extremely professional and timely.”

Martyn Oliver

Chief Executive, 3SC

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5 Steps to Managing Your Team’s Career Development

With the slashing of L&D budgets across the private and public sectors in recent years, L&D teams have worked creatively to maximise the budget they have to help employees grow. The 2019 Workplace Learning Report suggested that L&D budgets are on the rise again, paving the way for...

How are you creating a learning experience?

To ensure that your learners make the most from a learning session they are attending it is imperative for the L&D professional to create an experience for them and not simply a training session. Although theoretically we say that we have moved beyond traditional training I find that, as a...

Coaching: Transactional or Transformational?

Part of what we do as coaches is to support an individual achieve their goals and bettering themselves by bring life-long, transformational change. However, I have found myself debating this question with other coaches, either when undergoing my own supervision or in informal settings.   So the...

Exploring the Client’s View of the World to Uncover True Meaning

Everyone experiences the world in different ways. Starting in childhood, we have been influenced by our experiences as we constantly build and shift the lens we use to view the world around us. When a client comes to coaching, they start describing for us, through spoken language, a picture of...

Should we get to the root of a problem?

Clients often come to coaching to experience a change in themselves. They can sometimes identify areas that they label as “problems” and engage in a coaching program to bring some resolution. This raises a key question for the coach, or even the manager who is supporting their staff: How much of...

Examining Coaching Methodologies in the Workplace

When distinguishing between the methodologies that coaches use in the workplace, we can safely divide them between two broad methodologies: one focused on bridging gaps and the other on developing strengths. So, what should managers and organisational coaches focus on in order to maximise the...

Dear Coachee… I feel unsettled

Sometimes, whilst in the full flow of a coaching session you might start experiencing the same feelings as your coachee. Is this good or bad and more importantly should you let the coachee know how you feel? Find out my thoughts below.Part of being a coach is embodying competencies such as active...

Let’s not talk about the past…

This week I spent an amazing couple of days supporting an organisation in developing their line managers into executive coaches. As part of the discussions held one key question, that typically always arises when training coaches, kept us busy for a whole afternoon.  "If I do not understand my...

New Year, New Me? Here’s My 5 Promises to Myself

We have all been here before. The end of year is approaching and we start appraising ourselves on what we have done well and what perhaps we have improved on. Then, we set ourselves some goal, typically changes that we want to see or resolutions. As a coach I see this a lot and a trend always...

I do a great job of managing my team. Why should I coach them?

As a manager of a team you have heard all about coaching. Perhaps you even googled the word and found out it's probably about motivating and engaging your team members. But why should you bother learning more about coaching and how it works? So let's cut to the chase. As a manager you might be...

Course of the Month

Managing Remote & Virtual Teams


A 1 Day Workshop suitable for managers and leaders who want to harness their skills in developing High Performance Work (HPW) in their teams remotely, whilst building engagement and commitment.

Attending this workshop will enable you to explore the evolving nature of team management by focusing specifically on leading employees remotely. As home and virtual working is becoming more popular it is now imperative for managers to develop their skills in engaging a remote workforce to support their employees effectively.

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